After Earth

AshleyThe reason why After Earth did not work for the general populace is because the audience bought a ticket for The Pursuit of Happyness and forgot After Earth was printed on it instead.

After Earth was a good movie. Plain and simple. Does it deserve an Oscar? No. But it does deserve recognition and applause. It told a story of a distant father and son who had to work together to survive. Sprinkle in suspense, excitement, and SciFi into the mix and you have After Earth.

Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) and Cypher Raige (Will Smith) had to overcome the evils that Earth had produced after man-kind had to flee in fear of mass annihilation. You have presented to you a son, who wants to be his father in every way, but cannot manage to impress him. Then you have a father, who is hailed by everyone and anyone, but cannot bridge the gap between him and his son. But a crash to earth’s dangerous inhabited lands and here you have a rope that binds them both together.

This same father and son duo was presented to you in Pursuit of Happyness between both Smith’s and that movie was nominated for an Oscar. It struck a chord in the audience, a hardworking father trying to make a life for his son through life’s horrible obstacles. But this film managed to bring in an audience from all spectrums.

After Earth lost its SciFi audience with the story line and the foe Kitai Raige had to face. Then it proceeded to lose its members of the audience with the different type of acting and accent both Raige’s possessed (humans no longer live on earth, so over a period of time accents would change). Some even try to blame in on the directing from M. Night Shyamalan who is known to make films that are either up or down.

All in this entire movie does not raise my eyebrow at all. If anything it makes me grab several handfuls of popcorn. Yes, the accent threw me off for a second. But the estimated budge of $130 Mil made this movie beautiful. Each scene showed a new world and how humans managed to take a life altering situation and build up again and protect what they have now. From the living quarters to the space ships they flew in everything was amazing.

The acting between both Smith’s was great and noteworthy. I truly enjoyed the acting behind Kitai Raige because he acted like someone his age—irrational and impulsive. Cypher Raige was just a cool character. He possessed no fear which made those around him respect and admire him. He even managed to have a couple funny lines without properly placed puns throughout the movie.

I would completely recommend this movie to someone. I would just ask that they watch it with a clean slate. No basing it off both Smith’s career history.


After watching After Earth and reading reviews on the movie I still don’t understand what all the hate is about. Most of the bashing Kiearastems from 1 of 4 things (writing list happens to be my thing this week).

1. The (uncalled for) hate of M. Night Shyamalan.
2. Revenge on Will Smith for taking a break from movies.
3. Jealousy? Envy? Personal issues people have with Jaden joining the family business and general hate on the Smiths.
4. False expectations that After Earth was supposed to be like Star Wars or Star Trek

Will Smith is a great philosopher on life and this movie focuses on one of his many great philosophies. Fear is not real. Danger is. What makes this movie great is how realistic and believable it is despite its futuristic setting. If you haven’t watched it because of its bad publicity (here comes another list) here are my 4 reasons why you should.

1. There is no uncalled for twist in the plot or mind blowing element that completely fails at blowing your mind. Many people are afraid to watch this movie because of the Shyamalan’s twist (which I LOVE) but there is none, not even a hint of one. If you are disappointed that there isn’t one…. *shrugs*

2. Movies should have a point to them even if they are meant to be pure comedy. I love that this movie has a message to deliver, but it doesn’t suffocate you until you get it.

3. Jaden can act. Yes, this role was written for him specifically, but it won’t feel that way because the boy has skills. I know it’s so unfair that all the other boys and girls didn’t get the chance to audition for the role, but Jaden is no (insert untalented celebrity offspring) and this movie proves it. Did I mention the boy has skills?

4. Lastly this movie is relatable and realistic. Kitai Raige, played by Jaden Smith, assumed he was ready to be a ranger like his dad Cypher Raige (Will Smith) but when the time came for him to prove it, he did what any person without any real experience would do; panic in terror. Personally I hate movies that have this impossible protagonist that are heavily experienced in every fighting style known to man, an expert in every weapon, a resourceful engineer with found objects, that have a medical degree with a concentration in alchemy. The emotions and growth he experiences feel real even though the situations are improbable.

Is the movie perfect? No. The accent they chose to use is close to unbearable at times. Does this film contain elements that make me raise my eyebrow in pure denial and confusion? How the hell did Cypher Raige survive that crash? So, absolutely it raised my eyebrow. I am really disappointed in how people reviewed this movie and would love to hear your opinion of it without taking personal jabs at the actors and the director.


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