Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

If you’re wondering, “What in the world is this site about?” We are here to tell you!

This site is about two 24-year-old black women who live in Saint Louis, MO giving you a fresh spin on what we think about movies. We are not here to give you an extremely educational film review with citations and big words. No. We are here to deliver what we took out of the film and put our thoughts on the blog.

To get you better antiquated:

The red-head on the left is: Ashley

Her taller equal on the right is: Kieara

We plan on reviewing movies from every genre, even if either one of us moans and groans.

The Arched Eyebrows?

Wondering where that name came from? When you see a film on screen, your eyebrow may twitch a little. If it is out of excitement or clear unabashed irrtation, your eyebrow may move. Ours move all the time and we cannot help it.

Also, our love for The Saint Louis Arch…get it “Arch”?

So, we “arch” our eyebrows and we are representing our “Arch”. We think it’s pretty clever.

Please, read our reviews, comment away, and tell everyone you know about us–we REALLY appreciate it!


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