Me? Me? Me? Me?

1. Describe yourself in one sentence.
I am your loud friend with domesticated dreams and set with an open mind.

2. Why a movie blog?
The question is not why, but why not?! Movies for me are more than just entertainment. Movies provide me with small moments of escapism. I am able to kick back for a certain period of time and allow my mind to tune out any happy, bad, sad moments in my life and enjoy whatever is happening on-screen (this type of mentality tends to make me ‘x’ out any kind of drama filled, documentary filmed, or ultra-depressing films). So, to simply put it this blog lets me express my opinions on the times I “escape” from life.

3. What is your favourite movie?
Oh, Oh, Oh, do NOT judge. The best movie of all time (to me) is…The Counte of Monte Cristo. I’m done.

4. You’re the star of the movie, and the writers gave you a catch phrase…what would it be?
“I will never forget,” would be my catch phrase. Yeah, let that roll around in your head. I could say that with no emotion, too much emotion, with an evil voice, the possibilities are endless.

5. What kind of movies do you anticipate?
When I see movie trailers I need the following: British, action, witty script, supernatural abilities, comic book characters, or awesome horror/thriller movie. You can keep the over romantic comedies. I will watch them, but know I am scoffing at parts of the movie the entire time.


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